The Lean Enterprise Model
The Team Lean model incorporates
manufacturing and business
execution techniques involving a Lean
Enterprise Implementation System.  
Embedded in our business model is
a lean process methodology which
we have implemented in a wide
variety of industries such as
manufacturing, distribution, logistics,
trucking, warehousing, service
centers, and construction.  Our model
comprehensively integrates every
aspect of a lean enterprise.
Our Services
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Lean Manufacturing System
Do you desire to take Cost out of your manufacturing?  Interested in Growing your
business?  Don't you wish there were a logical and deliberate way to reduce your
Inventory without hurting your customer service level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to consider a
methodical approach to process improvement.  Team Lean can offer you a proven
industry methodology to make your manufacturing operations Lean.  The real benefit
for you as a manufacturer, is that you can accomplish this without adding "Experts"
and "Gurus" to your payroll.  The magic lies in the methodology and not in the training
materials.  Knowledge is power in our information age, but without people it is only
useful on Jeopardy!

Call or email us to receive a brochure that illustrates our Lean implementation
approach for manufacturers.
Lean Business System
Maybe you have already accomplished what you desire in manufacturing but feel the
business doesn't leverage all the capability and flexibility that your manufacturing and
operations can deliver.

The fundamentals of a Lean Business are locked in the 5Ps for business processes.
  1. Policy
  2. Protocol
  3. Procedure
  4. Planning
  5. People

A successful Lean Business process has been carefully studied, waste and delays
removed, and aligns completely to deliver the maximum value to the Customer.  We
offer a unique approach to documenting and improving your business process at any
level in the Enterprise.