The Team at TLI
The team at Team Lean Inc is led by Martin McGregor.  
Martin directs a group of consultants with a deep knowledge
of Lean, Quality, and Organizational development
methodologies for process improvement to construct a
Lean Enterprise.

Martin has worked in the Lean Enterprise field since 1990.  
He has facilitated or participated in over 1000 Lean Business,
Lean Manufacturing, or Kaizen events.  He has led the
transformation of over 75 Enterprise-level Business Units,
globally in over 20 different countries, helping them save over
$100M.  He has extensive experience in the Lean Enterprise
field overseas, frequently traveling throughout and living in
Europe, Middle East, and Africa, spending several years as
an expatriate employee of a Fortune 100 Company.  

He has presented and facilitated workshops, at major Lean
conferences with IIE, AME, and IAFIS at the Worldwide Food
Expo.  Martin is published in Lean and Quality.  He has over
25 years of experience in virtually every functional and senior
management position in Operations, previously with two
major multi-national corporations – United Technologies
Carrier Corp and Eastman Kodak Company.
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