3D Lean Construction System
What is Lean Construction?
Most everyone has heard someone speaking about Lean in Manufacturing, but there is little
penetration of these concepts in Construction because these processes have much greater
variation, constant interruption, and subsequent changes to the plan that can come from a
multitude of stakeholders.  The art of managing chaos is an assumed part of the process, so
few stakeholders in the business can find time to champion a need for change.
However, the opportunity is vast, with plenty of low-hanging fruit, once an enterprise in this
industry adopts the tools needed to learn to see the hidden waste that isn’t obvious and visible.  
By adopting a systems-level thought process, a deeper collaboration always evolves between
the stakeholders, as they expose variation that is driven across constituencies.  Once waste and
variation are visible, process improvement and efficiency can be readily implemented with
simple Lean methodologies.  Lean principles offer rapid process improvement with benefits
that drive the bottom line.
3D Lean Construction System - LCS
Some companies have mastered the linear change process of Continuous Improvement, which
requires a relentless pursuit of perfection, and a well disciplined organization.  The
improvements are typically very small, creative solutions, which come frequently over time.  Other
businesses rely on non-linear change processes, where rapid, capital improvements, provide a
burst of capacity and efficiency, but frequently suffer from process reversion, as segments of the
process are drastically under-utilized because the entire delivery system was not considered in
the change.  Our LCS brings the best of both worlds to your organization, teaching you to
combine the velocity of CI with the acceleration of rapid, small, focused Capital improvements.