The Team Lean model incorporates manufacturing and business execution techniques involving
a Lean Enterprise Implementation System.  Embedded in our business model is a lean process
methodology which we have implemented in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing,
distribution, logistics, trucking, warehousing, service centers, and corporate business teams.  
Our model comprehensively integrates every aspect of a lean enterprise, from order processing
through customer delivery.

Total Cycle Time reduction and growth through capacity generation with no incremental
investment are the overarching goals of our Lean Manufacturing System.  These lean results
translate into increased EBIT, improved RONA, increased Inventory turnover (decreased $$), and
decreased COGS.  Specific Lean manufacturing technologies and expected measurable results
are discussed on our
Services page.

The premise behind the Team Lean model lies as much behind the “Team” part of the equation,
as it does in the “Lean” aspect.  Technologies are principal to success and must be applied to
the processes diligently, but most organizations run out of gas waiting for the overbooked and
overworked “lean experts” to become available to a target area within a business unit.  The better
approach is to use the people that do the work to run their own independent improvement events
in a smaller scope but much more frequent application.  Smaller events in scope provide a very
quick recovery and a drastically higher rate of return because results can easily be sustained
when they are “owned” by the people that do the work.
Constructing the Lean Enterprise
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